In March 2016 I was part way through training for my first marathon. I was registered to run the 2016 Ottawa Marathon at the end of May. It was roughly 6 months after having Lennon and I was still nursing her (nonstop) – and running 90+km weeks. I was neglecting recovery and strengthening because I simply didn’t have time (or so I thought). I learned the hard way that these things are just as crucial as the miles we run.

I ended up injured – jolted my pelvis hopping off a curb and landing funny, but also with a SI joint sprain, which was discovered once the swelling subsided and my pelvis was regaining mobility. During this time I was on a heavy rotation of PT, Chiro, massage, mobility routine, strengthening exercises, icing, epsom salt baths, etc. I took this opportunity to learn more about what I needed to do in order to make it to the starting line and actually finish a marathon.

One of the things I discovered during this time was foam rolling. To be honest, I struggled with it and found it difficult to tell if I was doing it properly or not. Then I came across the rollers from Addaday and I was hooked – and my body has been appreciative, as I’m currently part way through training for marathon #2 – Boston!

Here are the Addaday rollers I currently have an what I like about each of them:

Type C

The Addaday Type C roller is my favourite out of the ones I’ve tried so far. I use this one everyday to roll out all areas of my legs, and if my husband is around, I get him to help roll out some parts of my back. The red roller on this one is an important piece – it really digs deep and you can feel it working. I adjust the amount of pressure I apply on the roller to get a deeper muscle massage.



The Addaday Uno roller is my go-to for travel – even though you could definitely take the Type C one on the road with you too. I love that you can adjust the roller, lock it into place and you’re ready to roll! I use this one to get to harder to reach places like my lower back and neck/upper shoulders. I adjust the amount of pressure I exert on the roller to really get in there and get the blood flowing. This roller lives in my purse!



I originally purchased the Addaday Junior roller with the sole purpose of using it on my feet. I like this roller because the flat base makes it sturdier than trying to roll out your feet with a golf or tennis ball. I also hold the base of the roller in my hand and can use it to target very specific spots, typically on my legs.


The other thing I really like about Addaday is that they have a ton of information on their website that shows you how to use the rollers and the different options for each. The Tutorials by Product Type section is incredibly helpful!

There are other products I’m interested in trying, especially the Nonagon roller. Do you use Addaday rollers? If so, I’d love to hear what your favourites are!