2016 was actually a really good year over here. From family, work, running and life in general, all areas of my life saw growth and positive experience in 2016, with my running injury (sprained SI joint) probably being the only downside – and even that had a silver lining: learning how to recover when running higher mileage, learning more about my body and what it needs to sustain running at faster speeds, understanding my body after having 2 kids, the list goes on….


I was on maternity leave until the end of May, returning to work the day after the Ottawa Marathon and qualifying for the 2017 Boston Marathon. From January until mid-March, running went well, then I got injured. I ended up spending a ton of time at PT, massage and chiropractor appointments, but I took it as an opportunity to learn and ask questions. If I was going to be aiming to run higher mileage weeks and race faster, I needed to support my body so that it could sustain what I was demanding of it. I was able to return to running at the end of April, one month before the Ottawa marathon.

2016 Ottawa Marathon


Qualifying for the Boston Marathon was a goal of mine to help me cope with my miscarriages and a scary first trimester when I was pregnant with Lennon. I made Ottawa my goal race because it is close to home and I know the roads along the route. I was hoping that the familiarity and presence of family would help reduce some of my marathon fears. I had never run a marathon before – I had never run more than 22km before – and the entire race was an amazing experience. The communities along the course came out to support all of the runners and keep us cool in the extreme heat. My family was there. My friends were there. I will never forget the sense of support I felt from everyone near and far – and I will never forget jumping up and down a few 100m from the finish line when I saw Heather and started freaking out because I knew Boston was really going to happen at that point. With a time of 3:17:35, I finished my first marathon.

The Ottawa Marathon holds a special place in my heart and I cannot wait to race during the 2017 Ottawa Race Weekend Events. With it being Canada’s 150th birthday, Ottawa Race Weekend is sure to be even more spectacular. If you are interested in any of the races, you can find more information Ottawa Race Weekend.

Running Friends

I made a lot of connections in real life and online in 2016, with many new friendships that I will cherish forever. I am thankful for all of the people that came into my life this year and for their continued support and kind words. I appreciate everyone so much, and they’d start playing the music like they do when acceptance speeches run long on awards shows if I attempted to name everyone 😉 Team Nuun, Oiselle Volee, and Team Awesome for Ottawa Race Weekend are just some of the teams I’m a proud member of, and are teams that have brought amazing people into my life.

Running an Elite B Standard

I still can’t believe that this happened this year. I finished 1st female in the Fall Colours half marathon, qualifying for the NYC Marathon in a time of 1:27:08, and then a month later raced my first 10km race in 37:54, once again finishing 1st place female, this time running the elite B standard for the 10km event at Ottawa Race Weekend 2017. I submitted my application for Elite Athlete status a few days later, and it was accepted! I still can’t believe I’ll be toeing the line with the elites for this event.

Setting an Example for my Kids

Above all, I want to set a good example for my kids. I hope that as they get older, that they find something they are as passionate about as I am about running. I hope to show them that dedication and hard work pay off, and then you have to put in the effort and show up in order to achieve your goals. I want them to dream big and know that they can do anything they put their mind to.

Here’s to 2017!