Week 2 of Boston Marathon training ran into Christmas, hence my delay, and why I might as well include week 3 in here, since there are only two running days left in my training for this week. Week 2 went just as well as the first. I felt strong on all of my runs, energy level was good, and stuck to my strengthening and mobility work.

  • Monday – 8mi
  • Tuesday – 12mi
  • Wednesday – 9mi
  • Thursday – 5mi
  • Friday – 17mi
  • Saturday – 5mi
  • Total = 56mi


Week 3 started on Boxing Day here in Canada, as was also the day we celebrated Christmas with my husband’s family. Then the following day, Odin had a hockey tournament and we had more family here for that, so I had to change my schedule around a bit. However, my body had a plan of its own this week and I’ve been feeling off. Very off. I am not quite sure what is wrong. I’ve been feeling a bit dizzy and my energy levels are pretty low. I found myself taking breaks during my run, but pushing through. I started thinking it might be that our eating patterns were thrown off over the holidays and I’m a creature of habit, so my body could just be thrown off. My husband came down with the flu. Perhaps my body is trying to fight that off and prevent me from catching it. Could be my anemia. Who knows. All I know is that I kind of feel like crap.

To be honest, this might be the first week that I don’t complete my intended mileage, but it’s early on in my training plan, and I had a very solid base beforehand, so I’m not that concerned. I’d rather get the rest now and feel better than suffer through runs and feel rundown.

  • Monday – 9mi
  • Tuesday – 7mi
  • Wednesday – 15mi
  • Thursday – 11.5mi
  • Friday – 9mi (?)
  • Saturday – 6.5mi (?)
  • Total = 58mi(?) might end up at 42.5mi

However, the one thing getting me through my runs has been The Crown on Netflix. It’s SO good! I’m going to be so sad when I get through the first season. I’ll have to find another show to capture my attention and make the treadmill a bit easier to bear 😉