My first week of Boston Marathon training is complete. I went into the week still sick with the cold I had the week before, and unfortunately, the cold stuck around for the entire week. However, the cold didn’t seem to impact my running. I stuck to the treadmill due to the weather and the cold – didn’t want to risk getting more sick or getting injured. My hip flexor has a tendency to act up when I adjust the way I run to avoid slipping or jumping through the snow.

I changed around some of the days on my training plan due to work and the kids. My long run wasn’t my last run of the week. Instead, my week looked like this:

  • Monday: 8mi
  • Tuesday: 9mi
  • Wednesday: 11mi
  • Thursday: 5mi
  • Friday: 15mi
  • Saturday: 5mi

Total: 53mi/85.2km

I complimented running with core work and some rolling. I spent about 5 minutes each day rolling out my legs with the Addaday Type C roller from Addaday, and I spent 20-30 minutes 4 times during the week doing a mobility and core routine that my physiotherapist gave to me in the spring.

I must say that my body felt strong and there were no signs of any stiffness or pain.