When people come to me for running shoe advice, I give them a warning before giving them a response, because I feel like I could talk about running shoes for hours. There are so many different things you have to consider when buying the right shoe for yourself and the way you run. I go through a lot of shoes, and have tried many different brands, finally landing on the perfect shoes for me when it comes to racing and training.

Running shoes are so important. I strongly recommend getting a gait analysis done to find out what you need to focus on when looking for a running shoe that fits the way you run. I also recommend rotating a couple of pairs at a time. After my SI Joint injury, I learned I needed a shoe with more cushioning and support, and I have found that my hips/pelvis area have been better protected by wearing a shoe that fit my changing needs as a post-baby mother runner.

Here are my current go-to shoes:

Saucony Type A – Racing Shoe

I love how light these shoes are. They are like feathers and they pack a ton of pop. They are a perfect match for the way that I run. I haven’t raced longer than a half marathon in them, but they were perfect for racing on smooth, paved surfaces. I also love the colour. If you know me, the brighter the better when it comes to all of my running gear. I wear these shoes when racing on paved surfaces, as well as during some longer training runs that I use as “race day rehearsals”.


Saucony Ride 9 – Training Shoe


I have to thank the friendly folks at Saucony Canada for introducing me to the Ride 9s. Saucony Canada sent me a pair after my BQ at the Ottawa Marathon and I was immediately hooked. They were a bit heavier than the type of shoe I was use to wearing, but this is also because I was training in shoes that were intended for racing. I needed more support in a training shoe if I wanted to prevent injury and keep my mileage up, and this shoe checked off all of those boxes – and then some! Once I got use to wearing a more supportive shoe, I realized that they actually weren’t that heavy at all.

I purchased another pair of Ride 9s when the Saucony Run Pops became available in Canada. They are lime green and the colour is so bright – I absolutely love them. I raced in them recently because the course has multiple terrains. They were perfect and I managed a massive 1/2 marathon PR in them.

I also want to try out the Saucony Fastwitch and the Saucony Kinvara 7 (Race Day Red is calling my name!).